My 5 Biggest Grooming Mistakes (And What You Can Learn From Them)

Grooming Mistakes - Not Using Sunscreen Regularly

Just because I am a fragrance and grooming blogger, don’t assume I get everything right. In fact, I am frequently astonished by how many grooming mistakes I make. Some of these grooming mistakes I rectify the more I learn (for example, how to gently apply an eye product), but others I find myself making repeatedly. These are some of my biggest grooming mistakes below. Please tell me about some of your repeat offences.

Grooming Mistakes - Rubbing Wrists Together After Applying Fragrance

APPLY HERE: Spraying the wrists with fragrance is easy enough.


I know this is a no-no, as it breaks down the top notes of a fragrance. I blame this particular habit on my nervy character. Every time I find myself doing it, I correct myself by re-applying the fragrance on my wrists, this time without rubbing, and on other pulse points. These include inside my elbows, behind my knees (yes, really!), on my neck and shoulders. By spraying fragrance on these warmer areas of my body, it activates and intensifies the fragrance.

Grooming Mistakes - Rubbing Wrists Together After Applying Fragrance

X MARKS THE SPOT: Stop that wrist action! Right now!


I started balding in my late 20s and accepted this genetic reality long time ago. My hair stylist does a great job with my limited hair resources. But when left to my own devices, I frequently wash my hair with soap. I know, typing out that sentence, I cringed too. So I have decided to, at least, wash and condition my hair with a decent product.

Grooming Mistakes

GENETIC INHERITANCE: I accepted certain realities a long time ago.

I’ve recently started using Marc Anthony Men Stuff Thickening Shampoo + Conditioner With Bamboo, R139.95 for 380ml. I don’t expect much in terms of hair thickening at this very advanced stage of balding. But I am enjoying how this sulphate-free, nutrient-rich haircare product gives my hair and scalp a regular dose of TLC.

Grooming Mistakes - Not Looking After Balding Hair


I have been going on about this a lot recently. But that’s because I have learned the hard way how it causes unnecessary ageing and pigmentation. And did I mention the risk of skin cancer?

“I have learned the hard way how it causes unnecessary ageing and pigmentation.”

I’m no sun ‘n sports bunny, but Australian Gold X-Treme Sport 50 Spray Gel Sunscreen gets the thumbs up for containing the vitamin C-rich kakadu plum (free radicals protectant), the antioxidant tea tree oil (cleanses the skin), moisturising sunflower seed and olive fruit oils and soothing aloe vera. I like how after I have sprayed this gel on my hands and spread it on my face, it’s easily absorbed. Plus plus, it doesn’t leave a thick, greasy film and smells pretty good.


Me: “Why is this product not working?”

Sensible me: “Well, if you bothered to read the application instructions…”

Me: “Oh, I am now going to take the time to read those pieces of paper inside the box. That way I will know how (and why) this product works.”

Sensible me: “Good idea! Sometimes, you really amaze me…”

Grooming Mistakes - Not Reading The Product Instructions

ON THE PAPER TRAIL: Nothing wrong with a bit of thinking inside the box.


The results speak for themselves: dry, cracked heels that should not be seen in summer sandals. Ugh! Solution: A salon pedicure. Or a bit of home DIY. The latter involves:

  • Soaking my feet in warm water to soften the skin.
  • Vigorously using a pumice stone to remove the offensive skin. (Tip: Better be patient, it might several sessions, if I’ve been a really bad boy.) I am using the Titania for Men Pumice Sponge, R24.95 from Dis-Chem, for this hard, but necessary labour. It’s cardio with a purpose.
  • Applying good ol’ aqueous cream to moisturise my heels. Quite basic, really, come to think of it.

Grooming Mistakes - Neglecting Heels

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  1. I commit so many sins, where to start? Never wearing sunscreen and only applying body cream when my skin hurts in winter. I’m terrible. Self-care takes so much time and I could be having fun 😉

  2. Most likely, you’ve seen this post before, but just in case you haven’t, I wanted to share it – I liked it when I read it the first time and still enjoyed while reading again today:

    I agree with all othe points you make, and I’m trying my best not to abuse my skin and my hair 🙂 And I’m pushing my vSO to be mindful as well. I’m glad to report a 100% success with sunscreens for prolonged sun exposure.

    1. Thanks for the link, Undina. Very informative. I wouldn’t want to be spreading any myths, so I will tweak my post when I get a gap. Good to hear you are being kind to your hair and skin. And bravo for the sunscreen success! R

  3. I am cringing and laughing as I read this, Rich! I realise I’ve been guilty of many of these skincare and fragrance offenses 😂 I finally started using sunscreen properly a few years ago and stopped washing my face with foaming cleansers. Terrific post, as always!

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