Going, going, gone… Editing The Fragrance Collection

Editing The Fragrance Collection

There comes a time in any fragrance lover’s life when you have to face a harsh reality. You’ve run out of space for your ever-expanding fragrance collection. Again. So much for the several storage expansions. It’s time to start thinking about editing the fragrance collection.

The undeniable truth: I had to accept the that I had run out of space for my lovelies. I could not continue just colonising other shelves occupied by my father’s beloved books.

“I could not continue just colonising other shelves occupied by my father’s beloved books.”

Editing The Fragrance Collection

GIVE ME SPACE: What should stay? What should go?

.I had to decide what should stay and what should go. Pronto! In that spirit, I was going to call this post “Culling the fragrance collection”, but that sounded cruel and callous, albeit necessary. So I settled for the more rational and measured “editing”.

Fortunately, this realisation occurred in the run-up to Christmas so I decided editing the fragrance collection should have an altruistic spin, too. That is, the perfumes I no longer wanted would now become gifts.

Editing The Fragrance Collection

GOING FOR BROKE: No, smashing my precious perfumes is not part of the editing process. But this particular bottle had to go, as the spray pump was leaking all over the place.


Editing the fragrance collection wasn’t as easy as it sounds. But I found asking myself these questions below helped me immensely in the decision-making process. I hope they will help you, too, if you’re ever in a similar situation.

Why do I have this particular fragrance?

Does it bring me joy?

Or is it just one of many “nice” fragrances?

Editing The Fragrance Collection

NICE. I LIKE YOU… But do I love you?

Does this fragrance have any special associations or memories for me?

When was the last time I actually wore this fragrance?

Why have I not worn it for ages?

Will this fragrance bring more joy to someone else rather than just gathering dust in my collection?

Editing The Fragrance Collection

NOT GOING ANYWHERE: Apart from being a superb amber scent, L’Artisan Parfumeur L’Eau d’Ambre reminds me of time spent with family last year. So it’s a keeper for sure.

Will I really notice if this fragrance is no longer in my collection? That is, will I lose sleep over it?

While I am in the editing mode, do I have a sufficient mix of fragrances in my collection, in terms of everyday vs special occasion, fragrance families, etc?

Please let me know how you go about reducing the size of your fragrance collection.