Hello, my name is Richard Goller and welcome to my grooming site.

My interest in all things grooming started with my sister treating me on a very regular basis to some of the best – and unusual fragrances – from Comme des Garcons. Who could forget the anti-perfume masterpiece Tar from the Synthetic Six Series? Who knew tar and kerosene could be so sexy?

Fragrance is just part of my story, though. Like a lot of modern men I am always on the hunt for grooming products and treatments that will keep me looking my 47-year-old best. Easier said than done when there’s an ever-growing choice and some pretty outlandish claims to sift through.

And that’s where I hope my blog will come in handy. From fragrances and face-care to treatments and top tips, you will (eventually) find it all here.

There’s no place for snobbery on this blog, so from deluxe to de-cheapo, I will feature them all. And while I will accept products from PRs for reviews, I will not feature these if I know they do not have value or merit. All of the products and treatments featured on this blog will also have been personally tested by yours truly.

Some trivial and not-so-trivial facts about me:

Grooming peeve: Shaving every day. No thanks, stubble for me, please.

Favourite grooming ritual: A Sunday relaxation session, face mask and all.

Favourite smells: Jasmine, garlic, opening a fresh bag of coffee.

Grooming regret: Back in the 80s, I wore too much make-up. I was a goth, ok…

Grooming no-no: A fragrance that announces its wearer 100 metres in advance.

My grooming issue: Lacklustre skin, so I am always on the hunt for some skin SOS.

If you want to get in touch with me:

Email rpgoller@gmail.com

IG  https://www.instagram.com/richgoller/