TF Main PicWhen a grooming product is expensive I have very high expectations. And when that product is from Mr Suave Perfection himself, Tom Ford, my expectations are even higher than usual.

The American designer always looks so well put together, so naturally I expected some of that TF magic for myself when I started using Tom Ford For Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment.

According to the Tom Ford website, this product is “infused with the Tom Ford skin calming and infusing complexes”. As good as that sounds, I wanted more details, which the ingredients list on the product box provided.

Apart from the inclusion of several dimethicones (that is, silicon-based skin protectants known for creating a hydrating barrier on the skin and their temporary skin-plumping properties), I noticed a number of natural extracts, including algae, St Paul’s Wort, sweet almond and tangerine peel. Nice! I am always for a combo of the best of science and nature.

So how did Tom Ford Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment perform? I started using it a month ago when the area around my eyes was looking particularly tired. As per the instructions, I have been applying it morning and night, using the very sexy contoured applicator.

TF Tip Pic 2

IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS: The very sexy contoured applicator.

Four weeks later, the area around my eyes is definitely looking perkier and plumper. And I am appreciating why this Tom Ford Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment is so pricey. I actually believe the interviews I have read in which Mr Ford makes the ultimate brand endorsement by saying he uses his own products.

Next on my grooming hit-list: To try some more products from the Tom Ford For Men grooming range. The Skin Revitalizing Concentrate sounds good. Ditto the Intensive Purifying Mud Mask and Concealer.

Tom Ford For Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment, R1 045, is available from Stuttafords Sandton, Stuttafords Eastgate, Edgars Mall of Africa and Edgars V&A Waterfront.


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  1. Not specifically about the eye treatment but more about Tom Ford fragrances. I wanted to buy my man one of the TF fragrances (which would have put me out of pocket for months!) and was put off by strong they are. The only one which was light and fresh was his Vanilla Orchid. I was told that it’s TF’s signature to create strong dark scents and he is looking for a specific man to wear his fragrances. Is this true?

    1. Hello Jabu, thanks for your query. I don’t know who told you that Mr Ford creates fragrances only for a specific kind of man. Hmmm, not true. Yes, some TF fragrances are more on the heavy side, especially Noir and Black Orchid (originally for women, but men love it too). I would recommend TF Grey Vetiver EDT. Classy, classic and not over-powering at all. Neroli Portofino Forte is another good lighter one. Very summery and fresh. Hope this helps. Your liebling is a lucky man. R

  2. Oh!I am intrigued!Do they stock the whole TF grooming line at Stuttafords?I do need a good eye-depuffer.Do you,plan on trying the concealer as well?So many questions!Lol!Nice review!Have a good week!

    1. Hello Johanob, they stock most of the TF For Men grooming range, but when I called the Eastgate and Sandton branches recently, they seemed to be out of stock of some of the items. So best check first. Yip, very keen to try the Concealer next. Thanks for your feedback. Have a great week too. R

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